Sunday, May 19, 2024
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NEW VIDEO: Europe and the War of Ideas and Values

Europeans of all persuasions,

A time has come where we must re-evaluate our commitments to society and renew our social contract. Principles of our society that should be self-evident are under pressure. Principles like freedom of expression, human equality, individual liberty and even the right to life. We can not fail to resist that pressure

When cartoonists are slaughtered in their office or partygoers are butchered on the night of their lives, when public critics of Islam need around the clock protection and must rightly fear for their lives, if we accept that as the new normal, that is a transgression against our very way of life.

When thousands of young girls are exploited as in Rotherham or women are assaulted en masse like in Cologne, when brides are forced into unwanted marriage and are subjugated for life, if we try to obscure and rationalize such cruelties, it is an insult to the very essence of our civilization.

Fear of public condemnation and the threat of violence have made us reluctant to defend those values that are most dear to us. We have become afraid to criticize, while criticizing is exactly what we should be doing. We Europeans, and that means good-willing people of all faiths and backgrounds, have the moral duty to denounce backward ideas wherever they can be found in our society.

This is not a matter of ‘us versus them’, it is about values that are non-negotiable it is about principles that must be expected from every member of our society. And we must stand with all of our citizens to ensure that these values are upheld. There is no question that if we fail to do so, we allow those ideas that we so strrongly oppose, free reign in our societies.

In order to progress as a society, we must be able to stand up against all injustice. We must be able to combat ideas and acts incompatible with our free, open and secular society. There comes a time for any society when it must choose to confront evil or by its inaction, let that evil prosper.

Europeans, for us, that time is now. Let the choice be clear.