Friday, June 14, 2024

About Us

OurContinent.EU is a non-partisan online platform that promotes a strong, proud and united Europe based on the values of the Enlightenment. We see the nations of Europe as belonging to a diverse, pluricentric civilization that has existed in varying forms since Classical Antiquity. Our civilization has been at the forefront of human history for thousands of years, giving birth to mankind’s most splendid discoveries and innovations. Therefore, it is astonishing that Europe seems unable to promote itself in a more powerful way.

This is where we come in. OurContinent.EU is unapologetically pro-European. We stand for a secular, democratic, pluralistic society that upholds individual freedoms and rights, gender equality, freedom of religion and the rule of law. In order to preserve such a society, Europe needs both a strong military and strong outer borders. Furthermore, Europe needs a tough stance on all threats to our civilization and way of life, whether they come from the far-left, the far-right or from radical Islam. We must resist the influence of the dictatorships that surround us and also counter the disruptive effects of mass immigration from the 3rd World. Europe must become a self-conscious political community that is willing and able to defend itself and its interests in these chaotic times.

Our long-term goal is to contribute to the rise of a pan-European collective identity that is not opposed to, but rather an extension of citizens’ national, ethnic and regional identities. Only when Europeans feel truly European, can our continent be united, flourish and rise to claim its rightful place on the world stage as a 21st century superpower.

Long live European civilization!


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