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Friday, June 14, 2024

European Frontier Initiative

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Secure the borders of Europe. Counter hybrid threats. Support the European border guards.

As we speak, a coalition of anti-border activitsts from several European parties, NGOs and media outlets is waging a political, juridical and publicity campaign against the EU border guards of Frontex and member state agencies. By slandering, hindering and undermining the work of our people in uniform, this coalition actively works against the interests of the European Union and its member states. Moreover, their campaign takes place while regimes like those in Turkey, Morocco and Belarus are sending large numbers of illegal migrants towards the European Union’s borders in an open attempt to destabilize our societies.

In response to this on-going situation, we have joined with other grassroots pro-European groups to launch the European Frontier Initiative. If you support the people who protect Europe’s external borders, make sure to let your voice be heard!

Simply sign your name below and click submit to send the e-mail to a list of relevant EU politicians.

Alternatively, you can copy the text by clicking the button in the right hand corner and send it through your own e-mail.

Dear Representative, The European Union currently faces hybrid threats from multiple directions by regimes that weaponize migration. These regimes actively encourage groups of foreign citizens to storm, dismantle and penetrate the external borders of the Union, directly challenging our territorial integrity and the functioning of the Schengen Area. While institutions and member states respond to this unprecedented outside pressure, European border security is also challenged from the inside. The women and men serving at Frontex and member state agencies have become the target of a coordinated campaign by a small, but vocal coalition of activists who oppose Europe’s external border enforcement efforts. Through a combination of lawsuits, negative media publications and political investigations this coalition seeks to hinder and undermine the vital work of our border guards in the midst of this ongoing crisis. The fact that the swift expulsion of foreign citizens in situations like the present one is explicitly allowed by EU law (Protocol 7, art. 1, § 2 of the EU Convention For the Protection of Human Rights; ECHR 8675/15 and 8697/15, confirmed by ECHR Grand Chamber ruling in ND and NT v. Spain), does not deter the activists from making repeated false allegations of illegal behaviour against our people in uniform. As a European citizen concerned about the security and integrity of the European Union, I call on you to stand by Frontex and member state agencies against both external and internal challenges. The people who faithfully fullfil their duty of keeping our external borders safe deserve Europe's full support. Best regards, On behalf of myself and the European Frontier Initiative,

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Subject: Support the European Border Guards

Mailing list:

E. Mamer: eric.mamer@ec.europa.eu
M. Schinas: cab-schinas-contact@ec.europa.eu
Y. Johansson: cab-johansson-contact@ec.europa.eu
M. Weber: manfred.weber@europarl.europa.eu
M. Azmani: malik.azmani@europarl.europa.eu
S. Sejourne: stephane.sejourne@europarl.europa.eu>
A. Lopez Isturiz: antonio.lopezisturiz@europarl.europa.eu
D. Tusk: president@epp.eu
A. Kanko: assita.kanko@europarl.europa.eu
G. Bourgeois: geert.bourgeois@europarl.europa.eu
J. van Overtveldt: johan.vanovertveldt@europarl.europa.eu
J. Rasmussen: jrasmussen@aldeparty.eu
I. Kyuchyuk: ilhan.kyuchyuk@europarl.europa.eu
T. Dooley: timmy.dooley@oireachtas.ie
A. Fotyga: anna.fotyga@europarl.europa.eu
R. Fitto: raffaele.fitto@europarl.europa.eu
N. Fuglsang: niels.fuglsang@europarl.europa.eu
M. Vind: marianne.vind@europarl.europa.eu
C. Schaldemose: christel.schaldemose@europarl.europa.eu

eric.mamer@ec.europa.eu, cab-schinas-contact@ec.europa.eu, cab-johanssoncontact@ec.europa.eu, manfred.weber@europarl.europa.eu, malik.azmani@europarl.europa.eu, stephane.sejourne@europarl.europa.eu, antonio.lopezisturiz@europarl.europa.eu, president@epp.eu, assita.kanko@europarl.europa.eu, geert.bourgeois@europarl.europa.eu, johan.vanovertveldt@europarl.europa.eu. jrasmussen@aldeparty.eu, ilhan.kyuchyuk@europarl.europa.eu, timmy.dooley@oireachtas.ie, anna.fotyga@europarl.europa.eu, raffaele.fitto@europarl.europa.eu, niels.fuglsang@europarl.europa.eu, marianne.vind@europarl.europa.eu, christel.schaldemose@europarl.europa.eu