Sunday, May 19, 2024
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The Much-Needed Solution for the Migrant Crisis

Every day, thousands of migrants from Africa and Asia are illegally entering Europe. Most are trying to escape poverty, some are fleeing armed conflict in their native lands. These people come from fundamentally different cultures, with fundamentally different values about family, society and politics. The vast majority of migrants come from the Islamic World, which is plagued by oppression and radicalism. We have welcomed millions of these people in our midst. Many of them have integrated well into European society, but there are also large groups that have resisted integration. This has led to serious friction. Especially the cities of Western Europe suffer under joblessness, rampant crime and growing Islamic extremism.

In a time of savage terrorist attacks against innocent European civilians, and boatloads of thousands of additional migrants entering our continent every day, a limit has been reached for many Europeans. They fear for the future peace of their society. They see seemingly endless streams of young men washing upon our southern shores, improvised slums appearing, growing social tensions and frequent senseless bloodshed by Islamists. As a consequence, an increasing number of Europeans are voting for far-right parties; the only parties to rally against mass immigration. However, the far-right has no credible solutions. It proposes the self-destruction of the European Union and its fragmentation into tiny isolated states. It is therefore supported by the Russian dictatorship that shares its goal of breaking our unity, thus expanding its own power.

Most Europeans agree that we should help shelter refugees in need, preferably in safe-zones outside of our continent. However, they reject the idea that someone who has fled conflict somewhere around the world and sets one foot on European soil, should automatically be made a full citizen of Europe. Nevertheless, the current practice comes down to exactly that. Furthermore, there are hundreds of thousands of illegal economic migrants in Europe who refuse to go back to their native countries, but who are not deported. The inability to change the current situation drives more and more voters into the hands of the far-right, with the disintegration of Europe as a result. Europe’s fall would lead to economic catastrophe and it would force each of our countries to individually compete with the great powers of the 21st century like China and the USA. In addition, some of our countries would likely fall prey to authoritarianism under the influence of Russia. In such a situation, a major war in Europe would no longer be a far-fetched possibility.

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To prevent disaster from unfolding, European politicians have to act now. The solution is not even complicated, but it requires a total revision of the current policies. Any person illegally entering a European country has to be brought to a safe location off the European mainland. At this location – safeguarded by European forces – war refugees will be sheltered for as long as it is not safe in their home countries, economic migrants will be briefly sheltered until they are sent back home. The illegal immigrants that are currently in Europe, also have to be brought to these locations. The EU should show willingness to impose sanctions on any country that refuses to take economic migrants back. This policy shift does not mean that we will never again welcome migrants and refugees in our midst. However, we will only allow those people whom we invite, for humanitarian reasons or because of skills or achievements.

A strong common immigration-policy will not only avert a far-right takeover and the fragmentation of Europe, it would also be a huge step in restoring trust in the European Union. It is up to European leaders to act now! It is up to European citizens to make their voices heard. Do you cherish freedom, peace and prosperity on our continent? Then, call for an end to the inaction and demand immediate change! Moderate political parties should halt mass immigration or we will face the demolition of everything we have built since the end of WW2.

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