Thursday, April 18, 2024
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The Jihad Apologist Agenda

After the Putin Apologist Agenda, we present to you: the Jihad Apologist Agenda. Find out what are the favourite agenda points, arguments and ways of reasoning used by apologists of Radical Islam. Handy, when you need to debate an obnoxious Jihad apologist!

The Jihad Apologist agenda:

  • Not true Islam – Islam is a religion of peace, period. Islamic terrorism is not ‘true Islam’ and its perpetrators are not ‘true Muslims’. Even if Jihadists cite the Koran while literally enacting the violence from its pages, they are simply misinterpreting the text and perverting the faith. ‘True Islam’ is not the actions of Islamic believers, nor the words from the Islamic scriptures, but Islam is an ungraspable, spiritual essence of peace, goodness and love. If someone fails to understand this, he or she is bigoted against Muslims, and therefore against brown people, and is thus an Islamophobic racist.
  • Not all Muslims – Falsely accuse any critic of Islam of being against all Muslims. “You cannot put away an entire religion!” “Not all Muslims are terrorists!” “You are painting everybody with a broad brush!” If they deny generalizing, say that their words are nevertheless felt like they are against all Muslims. Now, having informed them of this fact, continuing their criticism would confirm that they are actually the anti-Muslims bigots you claimed they were.
  • Muslims are victims – Because of colonialism, imperialism, racism and other forms of Western oppression, Muslims around the world are, and always will be victims. Global followers of Islam are ‘underdogs’ who, lacking power and privilege, cannot actually be held accountable for their own bad decisions and actions. If a Muslim country violates human rights, it is because the West has created the conditions for it. If a Jihadist blows up children, it is because Western Islamophobia has driven him to radicalization. One’s primary response after any act of Jihadist violence in the West must be to worry about the public image of Islam and its adherents. Only afterwards, one can look at the victims to see if there are any Muslims among them, who one can use to strengthen one’s argument.
  • The West is just as bad – Portraying Islam as tolerant and peace-loving, is not an easy task given the frequent terror attacks. It is much easier to deflect the attention by stating that “the West is just as bad”. For every injustice committed in the name of Islam, come up with an injustice by any Western person, country or entity, real or perceived, now or in the past.
  • Minimize Islamic terrorism – Besides arguing that the West is no better than ISIS because it invaded Iraq, or repeating that most terror victims are Muslims themselves, one can try to minimize the problem of Islamic terrorism altogether. Invoke all kinds of comparisons with other, unrelated causes of death, and employ crafty statistics to argue that the death toll from Islamic terrorism is negligible and, thus, there is actually nothing to worry about. “Way more people die of car crashes, and you hear nobody being angry about that!”
  • The ‘right wing’ is the true enemy – The true enemy of our free and peaceful society is not Radical Islam, but anything ‘right wing’. The ‘right wing’ is against all Muslims, and all foreigners for that matter, and should be countered and stopped. Therefore, it is necessary to launch pre-emptive (verbal) assaults on ‘the right’ after every act of Islamic terrorism. We cannot let them abuse tragedies for their own political gains!
  • Against hate and division – Finally, emphasize being “against hate and division” and “pro-diversity and tolerance”. However, any possible “hate and division” coming from Islam is none of our business because we must look at ourselves first (and forever) before we can lecture others. If anybody dares to suggest otherwise, he or she is the one spreading hate and division, and should shut up. “Stop dividing society! This is exactly what the terrorists want!”


(The idea to create these “agenda’s” of our political opponents, like the Jihad Apologist agenda and the Putin Apologist agenda, was inspired by the Regressive Agenda”, which critically outlines the view points of the regressive left and was created by video artist Devon Tracy)