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After Brexit, Europe’s popularity is booming

Since last year’s dreaded Brexit referendum -the event that prompted us to form our Movement- the popularity of the European Union has been rising. American researchers from the renowned PEW institute conclude in a new study, that, now a year after Brexit, more than two thirds of Europeans have a positive view about their country’s membership of the EU.

The European Union is most popular in Poland, even if this country has a rather Eurosceptic government, and least popular in Greece, which is still recovering from a severe crisis. Overall, 67 procent of Europeans has a favourable opinion of the EU and in none of Europe’s member states, including the UK, a majority exists for leaving the Union.

The chaos that followed after Brexit and Trump victories undoubtedly made many Europeans realize, that thoughtless destruction of one’s own political institutions is self-harmful and brings no solutions to today’s global problems. The events in the UK and US also moved many politicians to take people’s concerns about mass immigration and Radical Islam more seriously. Moderate politicians are increasingly vocal on these issues, call for Europeans solutions and, given the results of the French and Dutch elections, voters increasingly align with them.

One year later, we can conclude that the chaos after Brexit has provoked a true pro-European counter-response, of which we, and our followers, are a proud part. We must continue to promote the EU in a powerful way, debunk the arguments of our opponents on the left and on the right, and be unapologetic in expressing our intention to maintain and strengthen the unity of European civilization.

Long live Europe!

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  • Long live the European Union! Our continent, our land, our home!

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